10 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language - 外国語を学ぶ10の利点

There are many reasons to learn a foreign language.


Some are new opportunities and new friendships.


There are also many other reasons showing that learning a foreign language can improve your intellectual health also.


Here are some reasons why you should learn a foreign language:


1. Learning a foreign language boosts brain power.外国語を学ぶと脳力を活性化させる

As the brain works out meaning and makes full use of this new arsenal to express ideas, it sharpens skills on reading, negotiating, and problem-solving.


2. A person’s ability to multi-task is developed.マルチタスクになる

People who are multilingual are proficient at slipping from one tongue to another, one language system to another totally different language mechanics.


3. The onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s is stalled.認知症やアルツハイマーになりにくい

Research indicates that multilingual adults experienced the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia at a later age of 75 compared to monolingual adults who had the first signs at age 71.


4. Memory is improved.記憶力が良くなる

Learning a new language structure entails familiarizing with vocabulary and rules, and applying these memorized information into communication.


5. The mind becomes keener.考えがもっと鋭くなる

A study conducted in Spain showed that polyglots, or multilingual people, have alert and keen minds. They easily spot anything that is irrelevant or deceptive.


6. Polyglots are seen to display improved decision-making ability.決断能力がもっと良くなる

The decision-making ability becomes an easier process for multilingual people.


7. The first language is improved.母国語も改善される

A student of foreign language is exposed to a whole new language structure and makes him more conscious of vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, idioms, sentence construction, comprehension and conversing.


8. Performance in other academic areas is enhanced.違う分野の学力が伸びる

Because the brain is made to operate differently, it develops a variety of cognitive skills.


9. It makes a person more flexible and open to other cultures.もっとフレキシブルそして違う文化も受け入れやすくなる

Since a language is a doorway to a particular culture, learning a new language enables a person to have a broader understanding of that race or culture.


10. Foreign language expands career potentials.外国語はキャリアアップになる

With universal unemployment problems, a multilingual ability is definitely a competitive edge over others.


So you’ve heard some of the benefits, and now it’s a great time to start learning English!