5 Ways To Encourage People In English

You are so awesome!

Really, I believe in you—you can do it!

It feels good to be told something positive, right?

People all over the world use positive phrases and they make others feel good, so they’re important to learn in English.

Here are 5 Ways To Encourage People In English:

1. You look great today.

Everyone feels better when they know they look good. This phrase can be used to tell someone that generally, they look especially good today.

2. You’re a fantastic cook.

This structure can be used to compliment any type of person:
You’re a(n) + [adjective] + [type of person].

3. I like your new haircut.

When you notice something different about someone, it’s nice to say something. Whether it’s a new haircut, car, shoes or cell phone case, a compliment makes the person feel like they made a good choice.

4. You can do it!

This phrase helps make someone feel confident and determined. It tells them that they’re able to do something.

5. Don’t give up!

Sometimes, instead of telling someone what to do, it’s helpful to tell them what not to do.

Do you feel encouraged? Let’s encourage someone else this week in English!

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