5 YouTube Channels for Learning English

Over one billion people all over the world use YouTube!

You can have fun and learn English on Youtube also!

Here are some awesome YouTube channels that can help you improve your English skills.


As you can probably guess, “engVid” is an abbreviation for “English videos.” This is a great resource that’s actually a collection of different channels that can help you learn English. Each engVid channel is run by a different English teacher, and they focus on topics including grammar, idioms, pronunciation and especially vocabulary.


If you guessed that our first channel was an abbreviation of “English videos,” then you can probably figure out that this is an abbreviation of “British English.” And that’s exactly what this channel is all about.


Yes, this channel is definitely made for kids, but it can also help adults learn English! KidsTV123 has a collection of songs that are about learning in general, but a lot of them focus on language elements that kids would learn in school, such as numbers, colors and the alphabet.

4.Mental Floss

This is a gigantic channel. There are lots and lots of videos about different subjects, but most of them are under 10 minutes.


This is a relatively new channel run by a man named Paul. In these videos, he explores different world languages and talks about what makes them interesting and unique.

Have fun learning English!