7 Phrases for New English Speakers

Conversing in English opens up a whole new world of friends, books, television and more!

Thanks to English, you will be able to talk with people who don’t speak your native language.

Talking in English will also be adventurous because you will probably feel a little nervous and excited.

But if you push your comfort zone and just open your mouth, you will feel so accomplished (proud) and motivated to keep learning!

Let’s get start! Here are some easy phrases to begin with:

My name is ~. What’s your name?

(This is simple, neutral and always works well!)

I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name. You are… ?

(This is a bit more informal.)

Please meet + [name]

Please meet my friend Tom!
(Formal introduction)

This is + [name]

This is Tom!
(Common introduction)

Nice to meet you!

(The most common)

Pleasure to meet you!

(Simple and polite)

It’s a pleasure!

(Informal, but nice)

Let’s try these new phrases out this week!

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