Informal Greetings vs Formal Greetings

English, just like Japanese, has informal language and formal language.
We need to use the right tone at the right time.
When greeting someone there are a few phrases we can use.
Here are some of them:

Informal greetings

Let’s start with informal greetings. Here is how you can say hello:

(A universal greeting that works for every conversation.)

(A neutral and friendly greeting.)

(An informal and relaxed greeting.)

(This is quite formal and rare these days, but could be used humorously among friends.)

Formal greetings

For a more formal way to greet someone, use the model “good + [time of day]”:

Good morning!
(Reserved for any time before noon.)

Good afternoon!
(Typically used between noon and 5-6 p.m.)

Good evening!
(Any time after 6 p.m.)

Remember that “good night” normally means that you are saying goodbye.
It is also commonly used right before going to bed.

We hope this helps and let’s use the right greeting at the right time!

Engo English.