The 10 Most Popular Buzzwords Words This Year in English -今年の英語の流行語大賞トップ10

English, like every language is changing every year.


This can be frustrating sometimes for learners of English but it is exciting also as we see new words being used, or words used in different ways.


Some of the words that become popular quickly are called “Buzzwords”.


Here is a list of the The 10 Most Popular Buzzwords Words This Year in English.


As a goal try and use some of them at your next English lesson, or ask your teacher to explain them.


1. Trigger 「引き金を引く」
Any action that might elicit feelings of discomfit or distress.


2. Climate Changing 「異常気候」
GLM will now use the the gerund form of the verb ‘change’ to recogize the fact of on-going, continuous change in the Earth’s Climate.


3. Refugee 「難民」
A term used to describe migrants that were forced from their homeland by war or civil unrest.


4. Migrant 「〔経済的理由などによる〕移住者」
A term that includes refugees from economic, climatalogical changes, and others issues not directly related to war.


5. Thug 「殺人者、犯罪者」
Brought to renewed attention by President Obama; from the Hindi (and Sanskrit) words describing Aryan assassins.


6. Trans 「性同一性障がいの人たちの事」
Abbreviation for transgender, people who identify with the opposite of their physical characteristics.


7. Content 「コンテンツ」
The Top Business Buzzword of 2015


8. Afluenza「消費伝染病 または 金満病」
A theoretical malaise affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.


9. Opioids 「アヘン様合成麻酔薬」
In the US, opioid painkillers and heroin are responible for as more deaths than from automobiles and gun violence combined.


10. Evolve「進化する」
The evolution of the word ‘flip-flop’ in political jargon. More like ‘survival of the fittest,’ it only occurs until the voters first shift their views ona particular subject.


Did you know these words?


Let’s practise using them this week.